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  • Current film scripts:
  • The Sedona Project 1 & 2 Sci-Fi
  • Shift Sci-Fi
  • Terra 3000 Sci – Fi
  • Ophilium Sci – Fi
  • Centrafuse Action
  • Jump Point Family Adventure
  • High Impact Action
  • Operation Roundup Action  Sci – Fi
  • Little Round Top Historical Sci – Fi
  • Bridgelow Comedy
  • The Victorian Hauntings Horror
  • Tales of the Blueridge Vampires Vampire Horror
  • Infused Vampire Horror
  • The age of Nibiru Historical Sci – Fi
  • Leon’s true military story 911 based

A running list of series and short films:

  • The 7th parallel concept 7 episodes for a short TV Series 
  • or could be made into 7 feature films. Sci – Fi
  • Prescott a short script true events
  • Fairlane Comedy short script
  • Pinkerton a western paranormal short script
  • The Portal Sci – Fi short film
  • Aliens Everywhere Sci – Fi short film
  • Hunting Aliens and Predators Sci – Fi short film
  • Ode to all Ghost Hunters Paranormal short film
  • Boyzilla Short film

This is where my novels will be found. Currently I have 1 completed novel with one in the works. Our goal is to have a novel for each of the above full feature screenplays shown in order to get a following that will be excited about seeing the films. 

The Sedona Project is my first full novel that was adapted from when I wrote the screenplay by the same name. It is a full 80,000 word manuscript in its final editing and It will be printed in hard and soft backs as well as digital options that can be read on kindle devices. Links will soon be available for you to be able to purchase or check out this book. 

The Premise is set in Sedona, AZ where humans and governments are being controlled by negative alien factions. A group of five friends with the assistance from positive aliens work together to thwart the over plan for a hostile takeover of the planet. 

Shift is a sequel to The Sedona Project that is currently being written. As of to date it is halfway done. This is also a screenplay. This will also be a 80,000 word novel.

The premise of this one is 5 years have gone past and the negative aliens are back at it with a new adversary trying to harvest spirits that are not passing to the afterlife properly thus causing a thick blanket of energy that is collected for their own use. The 5 member team has a new member to aid in this endeavor to try and stop the aliens and to rid the earth of the heavy energy blanket. Will they succeed? 

This is wedding I shot and did the photos and flowers in May 2023. more wedding to come in the future with background green screens!