JKB Printshop

Thank you for your interest in JKB Print Shop. JKB got his start in printing apparel back in 93 when he opened his own print shop in Prescott AZ called Bellboy Screen Printing and Graphic Designs. He was open for 8 years. Back in those days he had several repeating customers and he landed a large contract with the Boy Scouts of America. At that time he also designed several Christian based shirt designs that was sold out of most of the Christen store in Phoenix.  JKB does plan to open a physical printing shop again in the near future but for now uses a few online printing services mainly Redbubble and Printful. This allows designs to be printed on a wide variety of items from mugs, bags, comforters, clocks and of course a wide variety of apparel. 

If you would like to purchase any of the items below, click on the links associated with them and it will take you to the sales page online where you can choose that design on a multitude of items. The company will then ship it straight to you!